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The Notarization Process: What to Expect

1.   Be sure to know what notarial act is required for your document. This is usually determined by the title of the document.  You may also upload the document for preview on the home page.


  • As a Notary Public, it is illegal for me to determine what notarial act is needed for clients. 

2. Appear before Notary with your completed UNSIGNED document and valid ID.


  • Your name on the document must match with the name presented on your ID.

  • If you do not have an ID that can be used, you can use a "credible identifying witness." This is someone who will swear to the Notary that they know you personally. If you're able to use a credible identifying witness, they must have a form of valid ID that meets state requirements. 


3. After signing your completed document, the Notary will then complete the notarial act along with the signature and stamp. Once notarization is complete, you will be presented with an invoice for notarization fee.

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